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Why Content Writing?


While everyone hurries to find a copywriter when they need their sales pages, EDMs or home page written, content writing is often an underappreciated art.

The copy that you use to engage and educate your audience is just as important as the goodies you use in your sales funnel so I decided to offer both in order to help you easily establish a harmonious brand voice.

Please be aware that the services offered under the Content Writing branch of my brand are, by default, designed with SEO, lead generation and audience retention in mind. If you are looking for a more ‘salesy’ focus, you may wish to refer to the Copywriting Services page.



What Content Writing Services Do I Provide?

Blog Posts:

Blog posts are your supplementary content. They’re considered nice to have and focus more on serving your audience than selling your product or service.

The blogs I create are designed to entertain, educate and engage your audience. This helps you build a community around your brand while also boosting your organic traffic thanks to the SEO benefits that come from offering your target demographic rich, relevant content.

Blog posts also allow you to have a CTA at the end which can either further encourage engagement or point your audience towards a sale. This is great because it is often far easier to rank for an informative piece than a sales piece.



Articles are generally more informative pieces focusing on current events and deeper learning.

The articles I create are focused on educating your audience. This may be about current events relevant to your brand, a cause you are supporting, or, in some cases, a promotion you are running, although this depends on the context.

Articles also allow for a CTA at the end, therefore allowing you to further the customer’s journey with your brand.



Much like EDMs, E-Newsletters (sometimes referred to as Digital Newsletters) require prospects to opt in before the content can be delivered.

You should think of your E-Newsletter as your brand’s personal magazine. It allows you to share promotions and other information relevant to your business without being “salesy”. This is because these offers and info come wrapped nicely within content that provides value for your audience.

I can manage both the creation of your E-Newsletter and the email sequences that you use to send it out, or focus on just one aspect depending on your preference.


Social Content:

The main focus of social copy is to engage the audience and build community. When working organically with social media, your sales funnel should take the back seat.

The social content that I create is designed to inspire and engage your audience. External links from social copy can be added in order to direct traffic into your sales funnel.


And More:

If you’re after a type of content that isn’t listed here, never fear. I’ve listed these options as they’re most commonly requested but I’m also happy to write other kinds of content for your business.

Simply fill out a contact form and we’ll chat about what content will help you build your empire.



How Do We Get The Ball Rolling?

Simply fill out the contact form below and we can get started.

I offer content writing packages that can easily be aligned with any business or budget and would be happy to help you discover what type of content is best for you. For a discovery call or informal chat, please fill out a general contact form.

Projects are quoted on an individual basis and discounts are applicable for charities, not for profit organisations and businesses just beginning their journey.



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Delighted with the outcome.

"I engaged the services of JMPJ to design a set of business cards in March 2020. Jessica's dedication to meeting the design brief in a timely manner was excellent. Further, her continual communication and professionalism during the process was remarkable. I am delighted with the outcome from the design brief and I would not hesitate to re-engage her services in the future or to recommend her services to other colleges."

Jade Bibby - Design Client

I would highly recommend Jessica for any copywriting needs!

"Jessica was AMAZING at helping me with copy for a couple of email sequences. Her words are thoughtful and encouraging, and I would be honored to work with her again. And not to mention, she was willing to help me with a last minute project and for that, I am extremely grateful. I would highly recommend Jessica for any copywriting needs!"

Ashley - EDM Copy Customer

Couldn't be happier with her output.

"Jessica is a delight to work with. In the two years that we've engaged her services, she's produced content of consistently outstanding quality and readability. Jess is unwaveringly reliable, dependably on brief and has never missed a deadline. Jess's most impressive characteristic is her dedication to constantly honing and improving her craft, and integrating constructive feedback when given. We couldn't be happier with her output."

Gaby Silver - Founder & President, Genesis Digital

A pleasure to work with - very insightful and creative.

"I had the pleasure of working with Jessica Jones in the year of 2018 when she joined our company as a content specialist. As a colleague I find she is a great team player, very supportive and talented. It was a pleasure to work with her. She is very insightful and creative when it comes to blogs/articles. Our campaigns were created
for a special B2B focused audience and Jessica was able to deliver the content that the audience liked and made them engage. Which initially bought in great results & more brand awareness for the business.""

Nethmini - Previous Colleague