Transcription Services

Why Offer Transcripts?

It may seem odd that as a copywriter I am offering transcription as one of my services. I am, after all, in the business of creating engaging, ORIGINAL, content. But the importance of having an accurate transcript for your audio and video content cannot be overlooked, and I aim to provide a well rounded service, so I feel it is crucial that I also offer transcription. Here’s why:


Transcripts Are Vital For The Hearing Impaired:

This one is a big one, if your content isn’t accessible for those who are deaf or have some level of hearing loss, you could be excluding a large portion of your demographic.

This isn’t just unfortunate for your business though, it’s unfair to your audience and can even be considered discrimination depending on what laws your company operates under.

The addition of a transcript ensures that everyone can enjoy what you put out and provides a level of protection against this type of lawsuit.


Transcripts Are Great For SEO:

Google and other search engines place a heavy focus on clarity when deciding who ranks where for any given search term.

By offering transcripts to accompany your multimedia content you boost the clarity of your piece. This in turn raises the accessibility of your site overall and helps you be more appealing to search engines, without having to resort to keyword stuffing (which Google will penalise you for by the way, only use your keywords where they flow with your content).


Some People Prefer To Consume Written Content:

The ability to easily create and share multimedia content has certainly generated more room for creativity but that doesn’t mean it should be your only method of communication. Statistics show that while most consumers engage well with audio-visual information, there will always be those who prefer to read rather than watch. To overlook this portion of your audience would do your brand (and your bottom line) a gross injustice.


Couldn’t I Just Use A Free Tool?

Sure, you could use a free AI transcription tool, YouTube even generally transcribes videos automatically, but that’s where we come back to the clarity point above. Computers simply cannot provide the level of transcription accuracy that an actual human can and with even small errors having the potential to mess with your SEO, it’s best to invest in quality.


Transcription Rates:

Base Turnaround: Up To Five Business Days

Clear Audio – Up To 2 Speakers: $2.00AUD p/m

Clear Audio – 3 Or More Speakers: $3.50AUD p/m

Unclear Audio: Starting from $4.50AUD p/m


Fast Turnaround: Up To Two Business Days

Clear Audio – Up To 2 Speakers: $3.00AUD p/m

Clear Audio – 3 Or More Speakers: $4.50AUD p/m

Unclear Audio: Starting from $6.00AUD p/m


Turnaround Within 24 Hours

Clear Audio – Up To 2 Speakers: $5.00AUD p/m

Clear Audio – 3 Or More Speakers: $6.50AUD p/m

Unclear Audio: Starting from $8.00AUD p/m


How Can I Request A Transcript?

To request my transcription services, please fill out the form below:

Once received, I’ll be in touch to gather the details and we can get started.

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